Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can my baby attend a class?

Babies can attend classes after their 8 week health check. Classes are suitable up until babies start crawling. Massage can benefit children of all ages, so if you do have a mobile baby please contact me to discuss your needs. 

What do I need to bring?

Bring a small towel with you to lie your baby on. Yoga mats, cushions and massage oil are all provided. 

What oil do you use?

A 50ml bottle of organic cold pressed sunflower oil is provided for the course. This oil only has a slight smell and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is not harmful if accidentally ingested and is full of nutrients for baby's skin. It is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction; however during the first session we will do a patch test on you and your baby before beginning the massage. When you need to buy additional oil for home use always buy an oil specifically suitable for baby massage. Organic sunflower oil or fractionated coconut oil are good choices. 

What if my baby gets upset during the massage?

Please do not feel worried about your baby crying during a session; crying is how babies communicate their needs. During sessions do what you need for your baby; changing, feeding, pacing, rocking or anything else! The aim of the classes is to learn a skill that can be applied out of the sessions- massage does not  have to occur at the time of the class. I will always have a spare doll that the strokes can be practiced on if a baby is not ready to be massaged during the class and handouts are provided to support massage at home. 

What happens if we miss a session on the course?

As per our terms and conditions, refunds can not be given for missed sessions. I will of course endeavor to arrange a catch up session for you on a future course if you request it.

When should I avoid massaging my baby?

After immunisations wait at least 72 hours to avoid any negative effects of the immunisation. The local area of the immunisation should not be massaged until any lumps/bumps have disappeared. If in doubt always wait until your baby is completely healthy and happy.  Other contraindications, or circumstances when massage should not occur, include: 

  •   Acute infections
  •  Fever
  • Sickness
  • Diarrhoea
  •  Undiagnosed lumps and bumps
  • Serious skin complaints
  •  Inflammation
  •  Recent haemorrhage
  • Jaundice
  • Meningitis
  • Childhood Leukemia
  • Brittle Bones
  •  Open cuts or sores